One Step Ahead - Mobile Tutoring Service
Most Frequently Asked Questions:
How is One Step Ahead Mobile Tutoring Service different from a learning center?
At One Step Ahead, our tutors come directly to you. There is no need to drive anywhere. Our qualified and dedicated tutors will have a customized program made specifically for your student that is based on their school's curriculum and your student's needs. We will also meet with your student's teacher if necessary to make sure your student is on the right track.
Do you supply any learning materials for the tutoring lessons?
Yes. We always come prepared with learning materials which will supplement your student's needs. We highly recommend that your student brings home any books, notes, exams and any other related resources for the lesson.
Where does the tutoring take place?
Tutoring takes place in the convenience and comfort of your own home. We require that a parent or guardian over the age of 18 be home for the entire tutoring lesson.
What are your tutors' qualifications?
One Step Ahead works with highly qualified and experienced instructors. Each part time instructor is either a state certified teacher, substitute teacher, or certified tutor. One Step Ahead provides training and conducts reference and background checks on all instructors. We are a referral based business and believe that our excellent reputation amongst our clients speaks for us. Our tutors represent One Step Ahead, therefore, we only hire the best, most qualified instructors.
How does One Step Ahead Mobile Tutoring Service decide which instructor I receive?
There are many factors that affect a matching decision. The main items considered are the student's weaknesses, the instructor's strengths, personality, availability, and scheduling.
Can I request a specific tutor or a male/female?
A request can be made, but unfortunately One Step Ahead cannot guarantee a student will be matched with a specific male or female instructor. This is due to the many factors involved in scheduling, subjects needed, and personality.
What if my child doesn't like the tutor?
We realize the relationship between the tutor and the student is essential to academic success. If after 2 sessions, the student decides they would like a different tutor, One Step Ahead will be happy to accommodate the student (subject to instructor availability).
Will my student receive more than one instructor to fulfill my child's needs?
If a student needs multiple subject instruction or requires more than 1 lesson a week, then more than 1 instructor may be required.
Are there a minimum number of lessons I have to commit to and how long is eachlesson?
No, we do not have a minimum requirement and we don't have any long term contracts. We recognize each student learns at a different pace and to have a long term contract  might not be suitable. Each lesson is one hour in length.
What if I want more time than we are scheduled for or if I need another day of tutoring?
One Step Ahead is happy to provide you with more instruction time at the convenience of the student and the instructor's availability.
Can I change my tutoring schedule?
Scheduling and committing to one day and time is a difficult task in this world of ever changing after school activities. It's in the best interest of the student to keep a consistent schedule for instructional lessons. However, we do understand that every once in awhile, a day or time change may occur.
Can I add subjects for my student to be tutored in?
Yes. This may require more than one instructor to work with your student to provide the greatest level of instructional expertise.
I have more than one student. Can you tutor them at the same time?
Our program is designed for a one-on-one approach. In order for our tutors to be effective, and for the student to benefit, we do not recommend group tutoring. If the need arises, group lessons may be considered on a case by case basis.
In what geographical areas do you service?
We currently service the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
Do I pay the tutor?
No. On Step Ahead receives all payments through invoices mailed out on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Instructors do not accept any form of payment.
How do I get started?
You can contact One Step Ahead by visiting our contact page. Our educational director, Jennifer Corbo, will set up a complimentary in-home consultation and assessment with you and your student. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards, and testing results available at this meeting.
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